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Translation Tools

To cope with specific tasks at each stage of a project, we use a number of tools to facilitate work processes and to produce accurate translations. The tools below address the main quality issues.

  • Consistency → SDL MultiTerm Extract and SDL Trados Workbench

To ensure consistency of terminology, in particular for projects shared among several translators, we use a terminology ‘mining’ tool called SDL MultiTerm Extract. It helps us create a project glossary that automates the process and reduces the time required to compile a project term list.

Consistency at a phrase level is achieved with the help of SDL Trados Workbench, an industry standard Translation Memory tool. Trados Workbench saves us time and effort in translating repetitive or similar text segments, which is a tremendous benefit we gladly pass on to our customers.

  • Omissions → Manual proofreading, Xbench, and Trados Terminology Verifier

Our proofreaders verify whether the proposed terminology has been used and whether there are any omissions or mistranslations. In addition, we use stand-alone tools like Xbench and integrated functions like Trados Terminology Verifier and QA plug-in for automation and increased efficiency.

  • Numbers → SDL Trados QA plug-in

Checking numbers is another formal check we carry out for each project. The SDL Trados QA plug-in helps us to reliably control the risk of mispresenting numbers.

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