Legal Translations

It’s true that legalese is often tedious to read, but legal terminology is traditional and, as we see it, rather than to confuse, its aim is to protect you better in all possible circumstances.

The ExtraMile legal translators are not intimidated by complex, terminology-laden legal documents. In fact, we welcome the opportunity to tackle any linguistic and terminology-related difficulties related to your English-Russian projects. We understand that the matter being dealt with in your legal papers may be stressful, so we are strongly committed to providing you with a stress-free, accurate, and prompt legal translation service.

At ExtraMile, we have almost a decade of experience offering high-quality legal translations in the following key subject areas:

  • Civil law;
  • International law;
  • Contract law;
  • Corporate law;
  • Commercial Law;
  • Family law;
  • Labor and employment law.

We can offer solutions for a widely diversified range of legal documents, including:

  • Contracts and agreements;
  • Legal certifications and statements;
  • Laws, acts, and regulations (including EC and national law);
  • Licences;
  • Registration documents;
  • Expert reports;
  • Power of attorney documents;
  • Charters and articles of incorporation;
  • Board meeting protocols.

To request a free quote for a translation by ExtraMile, please send us an email. We'll get back to you within a few hours.