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Our Team

ExtraMile Translations is a team of professional English-Russian linguists who cater to the translation needs of corporate and individual clients; we place a strong emphasis on automotive, financial, and legal translations. To date, we have created a cohesive network of skilled translators who:

  • specialise in automotive and/or financial and legal translations;

  • work in other subject areas, e.g. general technical, IT, marketing, and so on;

  • are experienced in the use of translation software and tools such as Translation Memory;

  • have at least 5 years of solid work experience;

  • hold a university degree in translation;

  • demonstrate full professionalism, integrity, and discretion.

At ExtraMile Translations, we work both individually and as a team, and although our translators may vary from project to project, the two people listed below remain the core members and team coordinators for all our projects:

Andrei Vybornov

Polina Vybornova

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